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Are you a Caron Eyewear woman?

It's more than just a look. It’s a certain confidence, a sense of freedom, a way of living.

Empowering modern women with eyewear that expresses individuality and flair without sacrificing wearability, craftsmanship or quality. Designed in the UK, backed by 25 years of optical heritage and only available at independent opticians.

Women's designer glasses UK

For more than 20 years, Caron has created eyewear which is more than just a statement of style but lends the wearer a unique and enduring confidence. Confidence in themselves, confidence in who they are, and confidence in their own self-expression.

Every collection brings not only the spirit of the modern but also draws on the rich history of eyewear design, combined with impeccable taste and a sophisticated appreciation of the creative arts.

Then comes the passion… for intense colours, geometry and symmetry, for wearability and supreme comfort, and of course for the world-renowned quality of British design.

So are you a 'Caron Eyewear woman'?
The simple answer is yes  -  you need only choose to be.
Caron Eyewear is simply outstanding!

Campbell Mackellar

Reid Mackellar Opticians