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Women's designer glasses UK

You are unique. You are Individual.

Being yourself is the boldest thing you can be.

Empowering modern women with eyewear that expresses individuality and flair
without sacrificing wearability, craftsmanship or quality. Designed in the UK, backed by 25 years of
optical heritage and only available at independent opticians.

Caron Eyewear is simply outstanding!

Campbell Mackellar

Reid Mackellar Opticians



We specialise in niche, quality eyewear, and Caron designs are a perfect fit for us.

Marie Forrest

Forrest Optical Styling Studio

Ledbury, Herefordshire


I absolutely love working with Caron. Not only because of their excellent customer service but also because the collection is absolutely stunning!

Amanda McClintock

McClintock Optical Styling Boutique

Lossiemouth Marina, Scotland